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From Military Life to Civilian Life

From military life to civilian life

Learn how Joseph helps Veterans transition to a corporate environment.

Veteran leaders have shaped our organization from the very beginning, and they will continue to do so for years to come. Allstate was founded by a Veteran, and Allstate’s current president, Matt Winter, is also a Veteran. We know that hiring Veterans brings valuable skills and experiences to Allstate, and it is a way to give back to those who have risked so much for our country. We also know how challenging that transition from military life to civilian life can be, and we want to be there to support our employees.

To help with that transition, Allstate has a Director of Military Programs. His name Joseph, and his team actively recruits transitioning military and Veterans. He also shapes Allstate strategies and tactics to serve Veterans and military personnel communities with programming and products. He is a Veteran himself, so he knows how difficult the transition can be.

Joseph and his team also partner closely with Allstate Veterans Engagement Team and Supporters (AVETS), an employee resource group that provides a forum for veterans, military spouses, and supporters to ensure the resources are available to successfully roll out this initiative.

Learn more about Allstate’s commitment to supporting Veterans, active reserve service members and transitioning military.

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Melissa’s Advice to New Grads

Melissa’s advice to new grads

Learn why Melissa took a chance on Allstate.

Are you a soon-to-be graduate, but still not sure what exactly you want to do? Allstate offers a number of development programs to grow business skillsets. These opportunities also provide the opportunity to learn various parts of the business.

“Allstate is a fantastic company to work for a new grad. Research how involved we are in the community. Take a look at the diverse group of employees we have and the perspectives they bring. Ask us about where your career can take you and how every employee is encouraged to lead from any seat. My advice is take a chance at Allstate. I have taken advantage of all the resources available here to grow my skillset and develop into the person I aspire to be. I started here after college three years ago, and I have had more opportunities and visibility than any of my other classmates.  I have a voice, and I have a purpose to connect the work I do to our customers. I am valued for the perspectives I bring, the ideas I have and the knowledge and skillset I deliver to my team,” says Melissa, a participant in the Technology Leadership Development Program (TLDP) starting in 2013.

Our unique development programs are designed to accelerate your growth and build your leadership skills through rotational assignments, formal mentoring relationships, and learning conferences. More specifically, the Technology Leadership Development Program that Melissa participated in builds versatile technology leaders by providing cross-functional experience through three rotations in different areas of the organization. Two rotations take place within our technology organization, and one rotation aligns to a specific business area outside this group (Claims, Sales, Marketing, Product Operations, etc). So you’ll be exposed to our technology operations while you build your business acumen and leadership skills.

You’ll see Allstate from three perspectives, while building stronger networks and gaining a better understanding of how the company functions as a whole. Your assignments will involve people management, financial management, project management, client-facing work, operations, strategy, change management, and technical skills development.

“Allstate is not one of the companies I initially applied to when looking for my first job. My degree of study was in technology, and I had gone the typical route of applying to companies in the technology industry because that is what I thought made sense. I was approached by an Allstate recruiter to apply to the leadership program and after learning about the value that it would bring my career, I allowed myself to give the insurance industry a shot.” -Melissa, Business Analytics Consultant

Melissa spent her first rotation as an Information Analyst. She developed close relationships with business partners and communicated information and needs for different projects. She then moved into a Claims Process Expert position focusing primarily on the customer experience. Here she worked with claims leadership to develop and implement different strategies to improve customer satisfaction. In her third and final rotation, Melissa was a Delivery Leader for Agency Facing Technology. In this rotation, she worked on a cross-functional team with Allstate Northern Ireland and drove the successful delivery of new technology to agents throughout the United States.

At the end of her three rotations, Melissa permanently joined Allstate’s Data, Discovery and Decision Science team as a Business Analytics Consultant.

Learn more about Allstate’s Rotational Development Programs.

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Empathy at Work

Empathy at Work

Learn how Eileen helps customers in their times of need.

“Life insurance can be a very emotional business. Customers buy their policies to protect their families and pay their bills after they’re gone. What we do in Life Claims is important because when it’s time for Allstate to deliver, we’re where the rubber hits the road. It comes down to my team to make good on our promise.” says Eileen, Life Claims Associate

Eileen realizes that times are stressful in the lives of those calling in, so she makes a point to show that she cares, especially when customers share personal stories with her.  “You have to be able to shift your personality to match who you’re having the conversation with. I have a different persona with an attorney than with a mother who just lost her son. You have to have that intuition for how to be there for people.” Eileen wants customers to feel comfortable and know we care.

Life claims is just one area of claims that requires a great deal of empathy, but at the same time, it is definitely a rewarding career.

Learn more about our claims organization and find your rewarding career here.

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A Passion to Give Back

A passion to give back

Learn how Jane gets involved in her community.

Everyone knows the Allstate slogan: “You’re in good hands.” What do the words Good Hands mean to Allstaters though? It is more than just a slogan. Allstate prides itself in giving back to the community and supporting volunteering for a variety of causes and organizations, so there is something out there for everyone. Allstate even has an internal “Give Back Portal “that helps employees keep track of their volunteer hours, find volunteer events, and share volunteer opportunities. For every 16 hours an Allstate employee volunteers with a certain organization within one year, that organization is eligible to receive a $500 grant! Allstate also dedicates the month of April for “Bring out the Good Month” where there are extra individual and team volunteer opportunities.

Jane, a Communications Manager with Allstate, volunteers her time for underprivileged youth and families at Breakthrough Urban Ministries in Chicago. Breakthrough serves an astonishing 70,000 meals to the homeless every year thanks to a network of 1,600 volunteers.

“I wanted to get involved in something that was familiar to me: volunteering. Breakthrough has truly become my home away from home.” -Jane, Communications Manager at Allstate

Volunteering gave her an outlet to not only give back to the community, but also served as a way to build connections and network with like-minded people. There are many Allstaters like Jane that truly enjoy giving back and making a difference.

Learn how Allstate supports its employees’ passions through volunteering.

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#PrideIs Family

#PrideIs Family

Learn what #PrideIs to Tami, PRIDE Vice President.

Allstate PRIDE is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that promotes a positive and inclusive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, and agender employees and their allies. In 2016, Allstate celebrated 10 years of PRIDE. In recognition of this, employees were asked to share what Pride means to them by using #PrideIs.

Tami, PRIDE Vice President, shared what #PrideIs to her, “I joined PRIDE because I was looking for a community. I was looking for a space that would allow me to understand what it means to ‘bring my whole self to work.’ Joining PRIDE showed me that Allstate not only supports me but there is a whole community inside of it that wants to express just how much I’m valued for being here and for being who I am…When we go through personal struggles with illness, heartbreak, and change, we call each other. But we also go to each other’s weddings, celebrate people’s promotions, and cheer each other through our triumphs.

“ERGs are everything, and this is why – without ERGs, so many of us would feel so alone. I see the people I work with more often than I see some of my family members, and if I didn’t have a group that I knew was behind me 100% as I forge my way through life, I don’t think I would be very good at a lot of the things I do. ERGs are the life-force of a company and it creates opportunities for employees that don’t always feel wanted and needed to find support and strength in their professional, and maybe even personal, lives. ERGs make us better, as a company, as employees, and as people.”

PRIDE is one of 11 ERGs at Allstate. Learn more about Allstate’s ERGs and why we value inclusive diversity.

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A Network of Talent

A Network of Talent

Learn about Megan’s career development opportunity.

Have you ever thought it would be cool to try out a new job that you did not know anything about? Or try out a department that you are not familiar with? Allstate offers a Talent Share program where employees can learn more about something new by participating in temporary assignments that can last anywhere from three month to nine months. These Talent Shares are part-time or full-time opportunities where employees bring their own skills and competencies to a new team while developing themselves in the process.

Megan was in a trainer and facilitator role within Allstate’s Talent Acquisition team when she decided to participate in a Talent Share on Allstate Foundation’s Corporate Philanthropy team towards the end of 2016.

“I didn’t feel I had a robust network within the organization to proactively identify my next opportunity. A Talent Share opportunity gave me the chance to apply my knowledge and skills within a new department to see where potential next opportunities might exist,” says Megan.

With so many options for the next step in her career, Megan was excited to have the chance to test out a new area. Megan enjoyed her Talent Share so much that when a permanent opportunity on the Allstate Foundation’s team became available, she did not hesitate to apply and was granted the opportunity to work on this team permanently. In February 2017, she started in her new role. “I know my new manager feels like the Talent Share program is to thank for identifying me as a great candidate. Whereas she might not have considered me if she only saw my application,” explained Megan. This is just another way that Allstate supports the Good Work of its employees and provides opportunities for its employees to grow.

Learn more about how Allstate supports career development.

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Coding Our Way to Business Decisions

Coding our way to business decisions

Learn how Patrick works with data to make an impact.

Allstate is a data-rich source, being an 86 year-old company. We mine through that data to make strategic decisions that will help all areas of the company. To most effectively collect, interpret and utilize this data, it is up to people like Patrick, a Data Analytics Engineer. He explores new technologies and writes code in order to get the most out of the data.  “As an engineer at Allstate, it’s nice to know that you are making a direct impact within the business that you’re supporting,” says Patrick. The results that come from data are factual, not guesstimates, and the impact it has for the business is critical. It can impact many parts of our business, such as HR, Product & Pricing, and Claims, just to name a few.

Patrick enjoys his team’s hands-off management style. They are allowed to accomplish tasks using their preferred work style and programming language.

“I’m excited about Allstate’s vision to make the company the place to work for analytics and predictive modeling.” – Patrick, Data Analytics Engineer

Allstate prides itself on empowering employees to lead and be creative, regardless of their role.

Learn how you can develop data-driven analytic solutions to help Allstate succeed.

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Continuously Improving

Continuously improving

Learn how Donna sustains change.

Continuous Improvement (CI) is a management system that aims to make changes and improvements so that employees who are on the front line in dealing with customers or agency owners feel empowered to make decisions and improve the business. Change agents physically go to each office to assess the health of that particular location and make changes based on need.

But what happens after the CI assessment rolls through an office? That is where the sustainability coach, like Donna, comes in to help and encourage them to be successful, by letting them know where they are at and where they need to be.

“We’ve got great leaders here at Allstate, and CI helps them go even further. Instead of putting a Band-Aid on a problem or rushing into a solution, we help them try to get to the root cause. It’s natural for people to think they know the answer to a problem, only to find themselves faced with a similar issue six months later. CI says, ‘let’s take a minute and get to the root cause, because we’re not solving the right thing,’” -Donna, Sustainability Coach

Continuous improvement is an ongoing strategy to ensure Allstate is delivering the best service. Learn how you can be a part of a team that constantly uses their problem solving skills.